Surround Sound
In real life, we experience sound in the context of ambient noises. If someone is talking to us, we might also hear the faint drone of a jet far above, a schoolyard full of children nearby, birds in the trees, and a television blaring from the next room. These sounds are spread throughout the audible landscape. Surround sound faithfully recreates an entire landscape by sending the right sounds to the right places to simulate an experience closer to real life and we are fully equipped to set up this system up for you.





Why shouldn't your remote control match the rest of your up-scale home-theater setup? Not only do LCD remotes look cool, but they also offer increased versatility, like controlling multiple devices at a single touch of a button. High End Universal remotes can be programed to do various things like controlled lighting, AC temperature control, remote controlled shades and much more. We specialize in automation in order to provide you with this futuristic appeal. Contact us for more information.

Multi-Room Music
When it comes to playing music, we believe all rooms should be created equal, that’s why we offer separate zone in-wall keypads that give you the ability to have full control of your music from the bedroom, the backyard, even the bathroom, no room in your home is off limits. Multiple users have the ability to listen to their own genre of music at the same time. Treat yourself with this technological wonder and have Audio Video Concepts install the ultimate music system for you.






Video surveillance can be highly effective in preventing property loss, crime, workers efficiency, vandalism, injury fraud and more. A good system is a system that can provide proof of a crime; it could be a face or action. If it’s not sufficient it’s like having a dummy camera system.

Structured Wiring
Structured wiring is one of the most basic requirements of technology in any new or fully renovated home. Not wiring for low-voltage technology is like forgetting to plumb the bathroom. Audio Video Concepts is a full solution provider for both commercial and residential, from basic structured wiring to full-home automation.




We Offer satellite Installation, also specializing in Canadian Satellite Shaw Direct.

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